Clinique Médicale Agatha

(514) 903-2903

First Public & Paperless Oncology Clinic in Montreal

As you perhaps know Agatha Clinic project has made ​​its way for the past year, a new clinic with the most modern and bright rooms, lots of windows letting all the light of day, clean soothing colors and above all staff more welcoming and competent. We are located in the heart of downtown Montreal near by the old Montreal.

We have put emphasis on modern design, ecological and zen, no paper record all computer based. Everything was done in a spirit of public clinic, available at no charge to patients for their medical care. However, some non-insured by Medicare services will be offered on-site such as blood samples without appointment with 24hr results, surgical and cosmetic treatment. We also offer the service of infusion, as well as home care services tailored to customer needs.

We have a support team of a surgeon oncologist who follow their clients with breast cancer, skin and other cancers. Other specialties support for oncology will be represented as: plasty and aesthetics, dermatology, family doctor, obstetrics, rheumatology and other specialties.

Our team would like to welcome you!