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Anti-hormone therapy

The anti-hormone therapy is frequently used in the treatment of breast cancer. After tamoxifen was used for several decades, the therapeutic arsenal is complemented by new drugs such as aromatase inhibitors. Just over two-thirds (2/3) of breast cancers have receptors for estrogen and / or progesterone and are stimulated by these hormones. “In these breast growths, it continues to operate has an anti-hormonal treatment to stop tumor growth by opposing effects of estrogen. Tumors in menopausal women are generally much more aggressive than hormone-dependent tumors in young women before menopause. Ways to remove the effects of estrogens:

Before menopause: By stopping the ovaries to produce these hormones by surgery or using drugs called LHRH analogues (eg Zoladex)

Before or after menopause: By blocking estrogen receptors on the surface of cells eg: Tamoxifen

After menopause: Preventing the production of estrogen by peripheral tissues is done by the enzyme aromatase. This enzyme blockers or aromatase inhibitors are then used as Arimidex, Femara or Aromasin.